Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello, numerous different association apps, online participation platforms and cloud-based accounting tools - the list goes on and on: There are almost countless solutions available for the digitalisation of voluntary association work processes. And the list is getting longer and longer due to the continuous development of new software. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything: This is precisely where the project comes in, which the Coesfeld District Sports Association (KSB) will be implementing in cooperation with the Coesfeld district over the next two years.


As part of the project, volunteers are to be supported in selecting the right software solutions for their organisation and introducing them successfully. "And if this means that we meet with the volunteers in their living room, which is often also the club office, especially for small clubs, to install and set up the software," says KSB Managing Director Jens Wortmann, explaining the practical approach of the project. The project aims to support even more voluntary organisations in making profitable use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. "We are delighted that the district sports association's project will enable us to implement another project in the district-wide digitalisation strategy and further strengthen volunteering," adds Mathias Raabe, spokesperson for the digital agency for the Coesfeld district and head of district development.


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture as part of the Smarte.Land.Regionen project, which is trialling innovative digital solutions for rural areas. The district of Coesfeld is one of the seven model regions selected nationwide for the project.


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Jonas Elpers and Jens Wortmann from Kreissportbund accept the funding notification from Claudia Müller, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


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