Administrative digitisation in the district of Coesfeld

The district of Coesfeld and the towns and municipalities belonging to the district see digitalisation as an opportunity to optimise administrative processes and thus make them more efficient and user-friendly. The aim is to provide citizens, companies and organisations with the administrative services they need digitally, regardless of time and location. At the same time, the aim is to streamline and speed up processes for administrative staff. Paperless work processes, the availability of data and an efficient digital infrastructure can speed up the processing of many requests.


Some administrative services are already available online via the service portals of the district or the cities and municipalities. For example, submitting a declaration of commitment for third-country nationals, applying for unemployment benefit II or reporting offences against the Animal Welfare Act can already be done digitally. Further online services on the service portals will be made available successively.

In addition to offering online services, another focus is on the digitalisation of files and internal administrative processes. The aim is to ensure that services applied for online can be processed without media discontinuity - for example, without having to manually type in a paper application - and that the associated processes can be optimised. 


These correlations are also reflected in the "Administration" field of action of the Coesfeld district's digitalisation strategy. The focus is on digital service portals for citizens, the introduction of standardised document management systems, the regular exchange formats of the district of Coesfeld and its municipalities and the qualification of employees in the town halls.


Further information on administrative digitisation in the district of Coesfeld can also be found on this page. If you are interested in the status of administrative digitisation in the towns and municipalities belonging to the district, you can find this on the respective municipal websites.

Contact person

Simon Wilmer

Kreis Coesfeld

Head of Organisation and Digitisation


Phone: 02541 18 1120